Dagmar Dyck - printmaker and painter

About me

Artist Statement

Within the realm of Tongan culture 'Koloa' is defined as textile arts. Women have focused on the production of bark cloths; mats, waist garments and woven basketry and these are still amongst the most prestigious material objects to the Tongan people. Moving beyond the tangible objects I have explored the intrinsic values of 'tapu' (sacredness) and 'faka'apa'apa (respect) embodied in 'koloa'. Included in my works are forms of Tongan dress such as the 'kiekie' (waist garments worn by women to formal events) as expressions of honour, respect and duty.

Threaded throughout my work is a visual process that documents the transformation of raw material to woven treasure. I am exploring layers and marks with a confidence that is intuitively led. The work remains sectionalised as tradition proclaims, but the palette combines the energies and colours of a modern Pacific landscape with the subtlety of customary barkcloth.

Dagmar Dyck: