Dagmar Dyck - printmaker and painter

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As a first generation New Zealander I have been brought up to respect and acknowledge my unique ancestry. Growing up in a bi-cultural home, (German father and Tongan/German mother, nee Wolfgramm), an appreciation of custom and tradition has always been the norm. Whether it was Christmases celebrated on Heilege Abend (Christmas Eve), complete with real fir tree and candles to copious trips back to Hikutamole, Vava'u to visit my mother's family, all these events have etched an indelible mark on my internal compass.

Throughout my career I have always followed my own instincts. I firmly believe that being honest to oneself is an assurance that quality and integrity will shine through. Much of what motivates my creativity is that my work can give pleasure and be enriching. I like that my work is identifiable, it has established its own method of mark making that stands out as mine. Over time, while it may have evolved and developed, it can't help but retain its individuality. It has always been about my personal view and expression on the world.

Raising my family, alongside my husband Lyle, continues to be the most fulfilling aspect of my life. Realising the responsibility of these three precious lives has caused an awakening of a deeper sense of desire to position myself in an area of inspiration and influence. As a teacher of art and technology I am able to model and impart my knowledge and skills set. Yet ultimately it is my passion for creativity and divergent thinking that I aim to deposit into the hearts and imaginations of our future generations.


About me
I'm a first generation New Zealander drawing inspiration from the diversity and richness of my bicultural roots.

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