Dagmar Dyck - printmaker and painter


dagmar dyck:

Corban Estate Arts Centre

Students from all around New Zealand have an exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in a week of intensive workshops, exposed to the world of contemporary arts taught by talented artists.

DATES: 14th – 18th January 2013

For more information: http://www.ceac.org.nz

Beyond The Grid | All Levels | 5 Days

Dagmar Dyck
Mon 14 – Fri 18 January, 10am - 4.30pm

Develop new skills in mixed media painting working from a traditional perspective to achieve a contemporary result. You will be guided through the creative process from ideas to finished works. Pattern and stencil-making techniques will be applied to varied surfaces. You will experiment with different media including acrylics, oil sticks and pastels. Dagmar Dyck is a painter and printmaker whose palette combines the energy of a modern Pacific landscape with the subtlety of customary bark cloth (ngatu). http://dagmardyck.com/

FEE: $450 (Includes most materials)